Chicago Voyagers

guiding youth on their journey


About EPIC

EPIC empowers creative people to make social change happen in Chicago. We sponsor creative rallies—eight, intense, fun weeks of collaboration—which pair hand-picked volunteers from the ad and design community with Chicago-based nonprofit clients focused on education, children and families.

During the creative rally, each team creates programs and materials—on a strictly pro-bono basis—that their nonprofit client will use to positively impact the lives of those they serve. The team leader—a creative director or principal designer from one of Chicago’s most sought-after shops—directs a group of creative professionals whose skill set matches a client’s specific needs.

Rebranding + Web Design

Chicago Voyagers needed assistance in reworking their messaging and look to get more individual and corporate donors. We figured the best plan of action would be a new website with new messaging, a branding update, photography recommendations and some print collateral. I spearheaded the design on the website from wireframes to programming, as well as assisting with the new logo design and color palette.

We kept similar elements (like the compass), but elevated them into a modern take on 'adventure'. The palette was reconstructed into muted earth tones and topped off with a topographic pattern. Typography was slightly tweaked to a stronger, cleaner typeface with a hint of hand lettering to relate back to the age of the audience, teens.

The website was a complete overhaul. We added more white space, clearer sections and better over-all user experience. Now it is easier to find your way to make a donation, learn more about each program (and find them), and discover the most important parts about the Chicago Voyagers.