First things first, I’m Megan (we will shake hands later).

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Designer by Day, Designer by Night, Designer til Death

Call me megan, or jackson, but never meg.

I create purposeful, dynamic designs by combining the brand vision with solid, fluid execution. I’ve got typography, composition, package, web and motion design locked down, but I’m always picking up new skillz to pay the billz. My designs can be described as bold, detailed, animated, clean, bright and engaging.



You + Me = Some Dope Shit

Want to work together? Here's a glimpse of the process we will go through.


1) Explore

Together, we go through the ins-and-outs of your company. What are your goals for your business? How is your audience interacting with your services? Let's sit down and figure it all out.


2) Execute

Let's turn that idea into something visual. This is where I experiment with colors, typography and imagery to create a look catered towards your specific business. 


3) Expand

Do you need business cards, t-shirts and a website? Using the executed visuals, I will develop all the assets you need to get discovered and promote your business.


4) Evolve

Design is ever changing. Let's see what's working and what isn't and continue to make things better for you and your audience.



As of 2019 I’m making good shit at Dogstudio, but I would be down to help you with some of my faves:

  • Branding + Guidlines

  • Custom Iconography

  • Editorial + Magazines

  • Hand Lettering + Typography

  • Information Graphics

  • Invitations + Wedding Collateral

  • Motion Graphics + GIFs

  • Package Design

  • Print Collateral

  • Wayfinding Graphics

  • Website Design

  • UI + Mobile Design



Let's talk about dogs... I mean… design.

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