Haute & Saucy

it’s the perfect pair

CLIENT: haute & Saucy
YEAR: 2015


Brand Voice

The client came to us with a mission: re-introduce their product as both a hot and cooking sauce (rather than just another hot sauce) that pairs perfectly with any food, while specifically appealing to the female market. With this in mind, we created a brand name and tagline that spoke to the sauces’ flavor and attitude: Haute & Saucy — it’s the perfect pair.


With a name like Haute & Saucy and the target being mostly female, our goal with the design was to combine high fashion with a little bit of sass. We drew inspiration from runway fashion and came up with a bold palette, heavy patterns and juxtaposed simple shapes. Together the look is dynamic, minimal, thoughtful, and (dare we say) a little haute and saucy.

Package Design

To stand out from their in-your-face competitors, we decided to keep things simple. A clean strip of white in the front draws your eye in and then BAM, you’re hit with that flavor. Each bottle gets its own bold, complementary color, along with a dynamic pattern. Subtle juxtaposing throughout the package shows the detail and thoughtfulness each flavor combination gets, letting you know it’s tailor-made to be the perfect pair to whatever you’re cooking.