Lively Up Kombucha

forever organic. forever authentic. no compromises.

Studio: MNJackson Design Co
Client: Lively up kombucha
Year: 2018



Lively Up is a kombucha brewery located in Muskegon Michigan; an area thriving with life, spirit and balance. These two, passionate people love what they do and have been climbing the ranks of kombucha breweries in Michigan with their stellar brew. In order to better describe themselves and their audience, they needed a rebrand to showcase the passion Lively Up has for their product. Using elements that resemble life, health and energy we created the Lively Up brand. The palette uses bold colors combined with a hand drawn typeface and clean iconography to speak to the audience and grab their attention. 

Package Design

Lively Up is passionate and hard working to make sure that their product is perfect every time. They are always experimenting with new flavors, techniques and even label and deliver each bottle themselves. When it came to the package design, we wanted a label that could size up with the big guys and also turn heads when your walking down the aisle. Going off the rich brand palette, each flavor uses a duotone gradient combined with hand drawn ingredients to let the audience know the fresh, organic nature of the product. The name is of the flavor is bold in an inviting hand drawn script to entise the audience of the unique flavors. Every bottle has an ode to Muskegon on the side and the promise of forever organic, forever authentic, no compromises.


Some photos from Lively Up's Instagram. Seriously the best people ever.