MPN Research Foundation

change your prognosis

Year: 2015



Brand Voice

By understanding that MPNRF exists to make a difference today while aiming to find a cure tomorrow, we developed a brand idea that spoke to the patients’ journey: Change your prognosis. This brand idea also speaks to the way that MPNRF aids those living with MPNs by both helping patients and their loved ones stay informed and by funding original research and education.


Building off of our brand idea, we gave MPNRF a bolder and more powerful look by taking a bright, fire red and combining it with subtle blood cell patterns. For the typography, we chose a thin, condensed font for the body and clean, rounded font for bolding to draw the eye to the most important text, giving everything a significant yet approachable look. Then to bring the creative to life, we choose imagery that displayed confident looking individuals and applied a red overlay on a segment of them to show that MPN is only a small part of their whole life.



Social Media + Campaigns

Based on our creative branding, we updated MPNRF’s Facebook and Twitter profiles and designed a handful of posts focusing on spreading MPN awareness during Blood Cancer Awareness Month. In these posts, we combined anatomical and DNA structures and applied them with the red box overlay, creating imagery that was both engaging and informative.



Animation + Infographics

Our main priority during Blood Cancer Awareness Month was engaging the audience to increase donations and expand MPNRF’s donor pool. To accomplish this, we created an infographic with customized icons focusing on 10 MPN statistics. We then broke the large infographic down into short animations and used them throughout the month as social posts.

During Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we nearly doubled donations for MPN, compared to last year’s numbers. The engaging social media campaign also increased unique website visitors and overall page views by a substantial margin. New donors increased by 39%, compared to the prior year’s number and total registrations increased by 32%. Through pure engagement tactics, MPN’s Facebook page likes more than doubled during the course of the campaign.