the leaders of the “treat in place” movement

Studio: JB Chicago | Client: TripleCare

Brand Idea

eSNF, a telemedicine-based company focused on skilled nursing, approached us looking for consistent brand messaging and a name that highlights they are a physician group that just so happens to provide care through technology. In getting to know the company through brand discovery sessions, we discovered eSNF’s true value lied in enabling doctors to treat in place. From this evolved the brand idea and the new company name: TripleCare.

Creative Branding

We set out with goal of giving the brand a look that was more approachable and less technological. Combining bold colors of blue, green and orange with warm tones of cream and a cool grey, we gave TripleCare a huge face lift. We then applied the same approach we used for the fonts — simple yet sophisticated — to the three main icons by using a crisp line treatment.


Print Marketing

By repurposing the use of circles and subtle line patterns, we created promotions that make an impact in any stand or trade show. We helped bring the brand to life across all platforms, consistently applying color blocking and overlays to vibrantly reintroduce the new look and feel. We also whipped up some photo manipulations to help illustrate the use of TripleCare’s telemedicine product. This helps show how treating in place can be easily accomplished at any facility and how beneficial it can be for patients, physicians and nurses.