Vamoose Tattoo Removal

be comfortable in your own skin

CLIENT: Vamoose tattoo removal
YEAR: 2016


Brand Voice

Vamoose Tattoo Removal is part of the tattoo community and tattoo removal is their art – vein removal, waxing and massages are not. First, they show you that ink doesn’t have to be permanent. Then, they make the removal process as painless as possible in every way. Everything Vamoose does is to help you be comfortable in our shop, which sparked our brand idea: be comfortable in your own skin.


When it came to imagery, we wanted to showcase life scenarios with tatted individuals. I went and took photos of a few close friends and added even more tattoos to them to create the right images for the job. I also wanted to have the type look like a piece of art that you would see at a tattoo shop. Each piece is hand done with a custom font I created for the company.


Social Media, Signage + Print Marketing

When applying the new look, we kept their current logo and color palette but added a few more elements to make it more engaging. First, we added a darker blue tone and then a nice analogous mint for a tertiary color. To help them step more into the tattoo realm, we took inspiration from the typography of their logo and amplified it by creating a custom type face for them. The typeface (called Gothic Sailor) has notes of blackletter along with traditional tattoo typefaces. It comes in a variety of regular, single line and reverse inline. We also added an outline-style illustration with hand done swirls to mimic the look of a tattoo stencil. In addition to the new illustrations, we created some custom icons for their How It Works page on their website.